Techniques are available for Hair Transplants

How many Techniques are available for Hair Transplants?

Hair loss continues to be a major concern for millions of people worldwide, particularly men. It is brought on by a variety of factors, including hormonal changes, aging, family history, and trauma such as burns. Generally, the earlier hair loss starts, the more severe it becomes. As a reconstructive treatment for baldness, hair replacement surgery or hair transplantation may be an option to consider.

In a hair transplant, bald-resistant areas of the scalp are removed and transplanted to bald areas. On the sides and back of the head, there are scalp regions that are resistant to going bald. These transplanted areas typically continue to grow hair for the rest of your life because they are genetically resistant to baldness. A smaller number of hairs can be moved per session, making the transplant look more natural. This is because each group of follicles produces one to four strands of human hair. In this article, we have discussed 3 types of hair transplantation methods.

  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

A strip of hair from the donor region is taken and implanted on the thinning or balding area during this procedure and then sutures are used to close the donor area. The wound would take several days to heal. Because it allows for the transplantation of multiple grafts in a single session, this procedure is ideal for patients with moderate to severe baldness.

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE Hair Transplant, this method is newer and more widely used than the first. Because this is how hair grows naturally, strands of hair are transplanted in groups of one to four from the back and sides of your head. Because it mimics how human hair grows, the procedure produces more natural-looking results. Another advantage of this procedure over others is that no major or deep cuts are required. As a result, recovery time and scarring are reduced.

  1. Bio FUE Hair Transplant

Bio FUE hair transplant is a more advanced and improved FUE hair transplant that results in more natural-looking hair growth. This cutting-edge technology treatment’s main goal is to improve FUE results by incorporating specific cell-based hair growth factors into the surgical procedure. Following the treatment, the same FUE hair transplant procedure is performed, with some modifications to aid in the healing of the transplanted area and the growth of transacted hair in strength and texture. Bio FUE hair transplantation is the most recent and innovative hair transplantation technique.

What Are the Advantages of Hair Transplantation?

Dealing with hair loss or thinning can be challenging. It’s natural to look for solutions on supermarket shelves, but there’s no assurance that a readily available product will help you. Hair transplant surgery, which can be highly effective if done correctly, is one proven effective alternative for producing a thicker head of hair. Here are the top five benefits. Hair transplant surgery at Cliniq, best hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad:

  • Increased Confidence
  • No more gimmicks
  • Low-cost procedure
  • Anxiety Relief
  • All-Natural Results

Concerns regarding matching hair color, texture, or inconsistencies are eliminated with hair transplant surgery. Patients may suffer brief redness, swelling, or slight discomfort following surgery, which usually resolves within a few days. The transplanted hair falls out at first, but fresh hair growth begins within a few months. The transplanted hair thickens and densifies over time, producing a fuller, more youthful appearance. Hair transplantation has changed the lives of countless people by providing a long-term solution to hair loss. It has assisted individuals in regaining their self-esteem, confidence, and youthful appearance. To assess applicants and discuss realistic expectations, visiting a trained and experienced hair transplant surgeon is critical.

Cliniq Hair and Skin Services is one of the dependable platforms capable of providing world-class services to patients. Look no further if you’re looking for a reputable and genuine hair transplant in Hyderabad. Then you’ve come to the right place. Our highly dedicated team is always available to assist you by providing the best treatment and total customer satisfaction.


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