Bio FUE hair transplant is a more advanced and improved version of FUE hair transplant that produces more natural-looking hair growth. The main goal of this cutting-edge technology treatment is to boost FUE results by incorporating specific cell-based hair growth factors into the surgical procedure. The treatment is followed by the same FUE hair transplant procedure with some modifications that aid in the healing of the transplanted area and the growth of transacted hair in strength and texture.

Bio FUE is the most recent and innovative hair transplantation technique. Cliniq Hair and Skin Services is one of the reliable platforms capable of providing patients with world-class services. So, if you’re looking for a reputable and genuine Bio FUE hair transplant treatment, look no further. Then you’re on the right track. Our highly dedicated team is always ready to assist you by providing the best treatment and complete customer satisfaction.

Bio Fue Hair Transplant

Cost of BIO FUE Hair Transplant in Hyderabad, India

A Bio-FUE Hair Transplant in Hyderabad costs between Rs. 85,000 and Rs. 1,55,000. Bio-FUE is an advanced hair transplant procedure. As a result, the Bio-FUE hair transplant cost in Hyderabad is determined by a variety of underlying factors. The number of hair grafts required and the clinic you visit for Bio FUE Hair Transplant are two major factors.

Various Factors of Cost

Now that you’re aware of the hair transplant cost in Hyderabad, let’s look at the factors that affect the final cost of Bio FUE Hair Transplant.

  • The total number of grafts

The number of grafts required is proportional to your level of baldness. More grafts will be required if your level of baldness is higher. At our clinic, the fees are calculated per graft.

  • The method used

There are several hair transplantation techniques available, and each one has a different price tag. The cost will be determined by the method you select.

  • Donor area

Your donor area may not always be sufficient for a hair transplant. Our doctor will need to harvest grafts from other donor sites, such as the beard or chest. This necessitates greater dexterity and skill. As a result, it raises the cost of your BIO-FUE hair transplant.


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