How long to wait for a Revision Hair Transplant

Often, one hair transplant session is sufficient to achieve satisfactory results. Density is required for the hairline to look more natural and fuller, depending on the bald area. The patient must wait 6 to 12 months before having a second hair transplant so that the surgical sites have ample time to heal properly. After one or two treatments, the majority of patients have the appearance they seek. In some cases, people have hair transplant procedures to partially regain their natural-looking hair. They can have a second hair transplant at Cliniq if they’re unhappy with the initial surgery’s results.

Why would someone have a second hair transplant?

  • The number of hair transplants used may occasionally not be enough to achieve the intended outcomes. Hence, when there are enough grafts available after a few months, the surgeon will do a second transplant.
  • Even after the initial hair transplant, if the patient is unsatisfied, the surgeon suggests a second hair transplant for a denser and more natural-looking hairline after 12 months following the operation.
  • Sometimes the person decides to have a second hair transplant to rectify the issues brought on by a bad hair transplant.
  • If the reason for hair loss is inherited, there is a potential that the person will continue to lose hair even after having a hair transplant. Patients choose to have a second hair transplant in these situations.

What information is important to have before getting a second hair transplant?

The person may want more density or a wider hairline with a more natural appearance after seeing the outcomes of the first hair transplant. Those who still have hair loss after a hair transplant can consider getting a second transplant. It is advised to speak with a doctor before getting a second hair transplant. The best person to determine whether you qualify for a second hair transplant is your surgeon. So make sure your surgeon is on board before you start preparing. The doctor examines the client’s scalp and the quality of the donor’s hair to determine whether they are appropriate for the treatment.

How many grafts can be inserted during the second hair transplant?

A second hair transplant typically requires 500 to 1,500 grafts, or roughly 4,000 hair grafts are implanted during surgery. Depending on the quality of the hair following the initial hair transplant, the results of a second hair transplant vary from person to person. During this second operation, the client can choose to have denser hair and a narrower or higher hairline.

Which hair transplant techniques are appropriate for a second transplant?

FUE and FUT hair transplants are the best options and most effective. For a second hair transplant, FUE is preferable to these two techniques. Depending on the quality of the donor’s hair and the availability of healthy hair follicles, a person can tolerate two hair transplants. Everybody has a restricted donor region and viable donor grafts; therefore more than two hair transplants may leave the donor area patchwork and unnatural looking.

The donor region is smaller after the FUT operation. A second hair transplant using the FUE method is conceivable in some cases, up to 2-3 times. Those with genetic baldness are advised to get a second hair transplant.

As the donor area is in the back of the skull, it is immune to the DHT hormone and does not experience hair loss there. The second surgery primarily takes place in this region.

The patient should take additional measures as directed by the doctor because this is their second hair transplant. For a few days, avoid things like the sun, alcohol, junk food, and tight headgear until the surgery site has completely healed without any issues. The postoperative process is the same as for the first hair transplant.

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