how can I fixed my failed hair transplant

How Can I Fix My Failed Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is an ideal answer for individuals who are suffering from androgenetic alopecia and need a permanent answer to their hair loss. Then hair transplant surgery is the best idea. But still, there can be some chances of failing because of various reasons, such as technical errors and faults in surgical techniques. You can get the Best Hair Transplant in Hyderabad at great packages and reasonable pricing.

Reasons Behind the Failure of a Hair Transplant Surgery

There are often several reasons behind the failure of a hair transplant surgery. First, if the patient is not the correct candidate for a hair transplant, the surgery will not provide you with satisfactory results. There can be some faults during the procedure, like drying grafts because of the exposure to the air for over twenty seconds, and sometimes grafts become rough and tough to handle. And if any kind of failure takes place then you need to get professional medical care. A hair transplant surgery may fail if you are not giving proper scalp and hair care timely. So, try to take care from your side as well such as proper post-transplant hair care.

When do you Need to Fix your Failed Hair Transplant?

You must contemplate a repair hair transplant if you notice any of the signs mentioned below:

Defective Hairline

In cases of unnatural hairline style and therefore the low or high-lying placement, the forehead could look too little or large when the patient recovers. It offers the forehead an unnatural look.

Wrong Density and Angulations

A hair transplant may be an extremely precise procedure that has to continually be performed by practiced consultants. However, once surgery fails, the hair could look less dense wherever the scalp is visible. The new hair follicles need to be implanted for and getting natural-looking results from the transplantation.

Bushy Temples

The temples of each patient typically have fine and light-colored hair compared to the opposite areas of the scalp. After the hair transplant surgery, the results should maintain a similar pattern. However, if the surgery is performed by inexperienced doctors, your temple may get a bushy look.

Techniques for Repairing Hair Transplant

A basic technique of repairing hair transplant is to exchange the unpleasant grafts with smaller cyst units or micro-grafts for a natural look. If the patient is suffering from hair patch loss of the hair it is really helpful. However, it cannot restore hair that has been transplanted on the forehead, and thus, it is often injected in the graft excision technique.

Graft excision may be a common technique for repairing your failed hair transplants. during this method, the abnormal grafts that were ingrained within the previous surgery, square measure far from the scalp fastidiously. You can get the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Hyderabad and always try to get a professional and certified surgeon. Afterward, the grafts square measure distributed into the individual cyst unit. They are then re-implanted to the correct locations. The look of the scalp can be improved by fixing underlying scarred tissue by a professional surgeon.


Hence, the answer is yes. You can successfully fix your failed hair transplant detailed assessment and substance are finished and a transparent plan is given to the patient. A revised hairline is intended and documented various factors that have an effect on results and what will be expected is explained. Therapies are the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Hyderabad that will help these patients to perceive the best hair transplant and you will get the best repair hair transplant.

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